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Hi, I'm Gabriela!

I help women entrepreneur & healthcare practitioners like you, grow their businesses while living full lives.

Hi, I'm Gaby! The former nurse turned into a social media specialist.

I worked as a nurse in the ER, psychiatry ward, and public health during the pandemic. Working in these areas was hard on my body and mind and I knew I needed a change.

Social media was a no-brainer for me because that meant I could choose my own hours and travel as much as I want.

I've always known I had it in me... but for a while I put off listening to that little voice that told me to just go for it!

I strive to inspire nurses!

A lot of us think that there is no way out.

Coming back home and just wanting to go sleep, not having enough time to spend with your friends and family, missing out on holidays... It's just no way to live. 

We think were stuck. Well, I'm here to tell my fellow nurses that: YES, IT'S POSSIBLE! Thanks to your support, I can inspire more and more nurses live a life they deserve.

Now, as a social media specialist, I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by developing and managing their social media platforms. There is not a day that I'm not grateful for the work I do.

It's been such a joy to help people in a different capacity. People who are working toward their dreams while still being able to enjoy life outside of work!

The brands we partner with

value transparency, sustainability,Creativity,

They're also led by strong women, nurses and other medical professionals, travel specialists, and creatives — some of whom are French-English speakers. They all care more about authenticity than popularity and value meaningful strategy over trends. They are ambitious and they chase their dreams, while also making space for rest and reflection. They want to partner with a collaborative studio of other female creatives who are dedicated to making an impact.

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Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.


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We build website for women entrepreneurs that sells services or product online. Some of our clients are nurses psychotherapist...
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Website design and development

This is for the entrepreneur who enjoys handling their Instagram account, but wants to learn and bounce ideas off someone who's done the research.
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social media strategy

Step away from Canva and the DMs. I'll take it from here so you can get back to focusing on what you're really good at.
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social media management

hands free social media management

social media management

Starting at 1250

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I'll create a social strategy that's as unique as your brand and tailored to your goals, based on target market analysis. Posting will include stories, posts, reels, and hashtag strategies, with custom graphics created as needed. I also engage with comments, messages and your brands' community groups. We'll have a monthly 1:1 session to review our goals and analytics, to help us see what worked and what could use improvement. We'll make sure your accounts are getting you the most impact and engagement as possible.

What you bring to the table: Brand strategy — including voice, color palette, font pairings, and more. Your brand tells a story and helps provide a consistent and meaningful experience for your audience. Don't have a brand strategy in place? I know a few girls who can help!

social media strategy consulting

social media strategy


We'll hold regular strategy calls where you can ask any questions you have about best practices or all things Instagram. This is also the perfect time to review goals and any upcoming launches or announcements.

After each of our strategy calls, you'll receive next steps to help you achieve the goals we talked about. Remember: nothing works unless you do. So your dedication to implementing these strategies is key! If you'd rather hand things off to an expert, the done-for-you social media management package may be for you!

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brand and product photography

brand photography


From fashion and portraits, to lifestyle and travel, I've created impactful images of many styles.

While I do serve brands in-person in the Ottawa area, I also offer remote product photography so we're not limited by distance, travel fees, and scheduling. Simply send me your products and I'll create the product shots you need while you carry on running your business - saving you time and money.

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It's time to take the overwhelm out of your social media.